If you get into an accident with an 18-wheeler, semi-truck, or other large truck, contact the Mumphrey Law Firm’s experienced truck crash attorneys at (504) 277-8989


Truck crashes can lead to devastating injuries and even death to Louisiana drivers and their passengers. Because of their huge size and weight, large 18 wheelers can cause catastrophic damage to cars, motorcycles, and the drivers or passengers involved.


Why do I need a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Most trucking companies have attorneys on call to handle any accidents they may be involved in, so it’s critical that you contact the experienced truck crash attorneys at Mumphrey Law Firm as soon as possible following an accident.


What should I do if I get into an accident with an 18 wheeler?

If you or your passengers have suffered injuries as a result of an accident with a truck, it’s important that you follow these steps:

  1. Call the police and make sure they file an accurate accident report listing all people involved.
  2. Go to a hospital, doctor’s office or clinic and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Although your injuries may not feel serious at the time of the accident, some injuries don’t manifest fully for several days or longer.
  3. Take accident scene photos if possible, including all vehicles, their license plates and company logos.
  4. Get the other driver’s name, name of the company he or she works for, and insurance information.
  5. Get the names and contact information from any witnesses to the crash.
  6. Contact the Mumphrey Law Firm as soon as possible.


Accidents with company trucks can be complex and involve many parties, so it is critical that you contact the Mumphrey Law Firm as soon as possible when you or a loved one has been involved in truck crash. Put our decades of personal injury experience to work for you!

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